"With True Circuits' silicon-proven PLLs and DLLs in our industry-leading design portfolio and flow, our ASIC customers benefit with exceptional performance and reliability. Combined with our custom chip design expertise, these hard macros enable us to quickly and cost-effectively implement ASIC designs with analog components for high-volume applications."

Prasad Subramaniam
Vice President Design Technology

It is not in our business interest to release the proprietary aspects of our PLL designs. Our design kits do not include any internal schematics and our licensing agreement does not permit reverse engineering of our PLL designs.

24 Apr 24 TSMC NA Technology Symposium
Santa Clara, California

28 May 24 TSMC China Technology Symposium
Shanghai, China

24-26 Jun 24 Design Automation Conference
San Francisco, California

25 Sep 24 TSMC NA OIP Ecosystem Forum
Santa Clara, California

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